Clement Vieux Rhum XO - Martinique

St Barth’s Wine

Rhum Clément X.O. is a rare blend of very old aged rums including the highly regarded vintages of 1976, 1970 and 1952, which have been recognized to be the finest ever in Martinique. Each vintage brings to the bottle spice, toffee, and tobacco flavours and the Cellar Master has miraculously married them together to create one of the finest sipping rums in the world.

Wonderfully deep, sweet, not overly woody, with spicy fruitcake and cassius root and saddle leather. Toffee, honey, mulling spice, vanilla from the oak round out the edges. Finish gets a nit sweeter with notes of Demerrera sugar and maple preceding a silky smooth conclusion of dark 
dried fruit, tarragon, and a fair dose of drying oak.

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