Roca Patron Reposado Tequila Mexico

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Tradition is key in the tequila house Patrón. You can see that with the product series Roca Patrón, which had been introduced to make the hearts of agave spirit lovers beat faster! "Roca" is the Spanish term for stone and refers to the stone wheel - which in this case is made of volcanic stone - that crushes the agaves during the production. The gained juice is then blended with the juice acquired through crushing agaves with a roller mill.

Roca Patrón focuses solely on the tahona method. The special advantage of this production style is the fact that it also includes agave fibers in the fermentation and distillation processes. This way, you will be graced with an even purer agave aroma!

The sweet agave notes you found on the Silver Roca from Patrón are tamed here with a dash of cinnamon. The wood influence is such that you can still taste the agave, it hasn't been covered up. There is some slight slickness of vanilla on the palate with an ever so gentle hint of smoke from the barrel. The finish is bittersweet and you are left with just a mild tingling sensation on your gums.

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