Ristretto Nespresso Sleeve of 10 Intensity 10

St Barth’s Wine

Inspired by the ambassador of all Italian coffees, we chose not to imitate but to roast our own version. Ristretto is the essence of Italy’s iconic coffee culture. It’s not reflective of any one city – it’s Italy. It’s the fashion, the art, the cuisine – it’s the consistent elegance and excellence of Italy as a whole.

Ristretto Italiano is a blend of diverse Arabica and Robustas, a contrasting bouquet from around the world, together they recreate the iconic Italian taste. IRistretto Italiano is a medium-dark roast.

In one short, sharp sip, this blend reveals all its intensity and complexity of aromas. It’s a toasty and intense coffee accented by fruity notes and a hint of acidity dancing through. It’s a profile worthy of an ambassador.

A coffee that explains Italians’ passion for coffee and makes sense of why it’s ingrained in daily life.

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