Presidente Beer 330ml and Jumbo 1Liter Dominican Republic

St Barth’s Wine

Multiple Bottle and Jumbo Pack Sizes Available:

24Pack 330ml      12Pack Jumbo1L       

12Pack 330ml      06Pack Jumbo1L   

06Pack 330ml      03Pack Jumbo1L


Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is the leading beer and malt producer in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1929, it is also the foremost brewery in the Dominican Republic and the largest in both the Antilles and Central America with sales of 3.8 million hectoliters. Presidente Beer brings you the true essence of the Caribbean! Nothing else can compare to its refreshing, smooth and lively taste.

That’s why every sip becomes a celebration! Considered as The True Taste of The Caribbean, Presidente Beer is crafted by brew masters who profoundly understand the Caribbean taste and lifestyle.

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