Piper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

An unusually large proportion of red wines gives this Rosé champagne its unique personality. Adopting an audacious stance reflecting the values of the Maison, this cuvée is a structured, gastronomic wine. 50-55% Pinot Noir (out of which 20-25% vinified as red wines),30-35% Meunier,15-20% Chardonnay,10-20% reserve wines. Dosage: 10 g/l

Its dazzling appearance brings to mind a shiny ruby. Its deep scarlet color - almost poppy red - symbolizing the perfect balance between strength and elegance, comes from the red wines of Les Riceys in the Aube department.

In keeping with its color, aromas of dark berry fruits pervade the senses. Imagine blackberry, blackcurrant and strawberry all scattered on a golden platter edged with mandarin orange and finished with exquisite traces of saffron.

A deeply intense performance that engrosses you from the first sip. With an incisive attack, juicy berry fruits in the middle-palate, spiced and smoked notes in its stunning finale, this champagne is a mischievous delight. Ideal to be served with duck à l’orange and other red meat dishes.

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