2006 Piper Heidsieck Rare Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

Multiple Vintage and Sizes Available:

2006 Bottle750ml    1998 Magnum1.5L


Rare Millésime 2006 is both exotic and fresh, mature and warm. Its almost paradoxical mineral and opulent tautness offer substantial potential for expression.

Bearing witness to a sun-filled year, Rare Millésime 2006 glows with iridescent yellow-green gold. Delicate, dynamic bubbles glisten in this flaxen brilliance.

Rare Millésime 2006 first offers a generous honeyed and exotic nose. The fragrances of crisp mango, cocoa, coffee, tropical fruits, lend the vintage a sophisticated vitality. The scent of jasmine tea paves the way for a gradually emerging minerality. Aromas of dried apricot and pink peony foreshadow a slightly vegetal structure, where vanilla, yellow kiwi and exotic spices bloom.

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