Piper Heidsieck Demi-Sec Cuvée Sublime Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

This Demi-Sec adaptation of the non-vintage blend has the well-rounded character of fine wine. Its astute combination of crispness and lightness leaves us with a delicious sense of richness accompanied by a delicate bite. 50-55% Pinot Noir, 30-35% Meunier, 15-20% Chardonnay ,10%-20% reserve wines Dosage : 35 g/l

This sumptuous delicacy is draped in gilt glistening with tiny flecks of pure gold. Here you have a seductive Don Juan’s smile that entices you with its classical charm, the intricate gold details of the Palace of Versailles, the joy of a rustic picnic with friends on a sunny day, and the comforting softness of a cashmere sweater warming you up on a windy seaside.

Cuvée Sublime sensually displays its romantic charms, captivating you as its fragrances of vanilla, rum, tropical fruits and roasted pineapple gradually become unleashed. Intensely flavored cooked fruits, from gently flambéed pineapple and orange to slightly caramelized pear, delight the palate in a deeply smooth praline-lined embrace.

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