Organic Garlic 3 Pack

St Barth’s Wine

Besides potent as a spice cook, garlic was also powerful to ward off some types of diseases. However, how to eat garlic for health is probably unusual for you. You are encouraged to eat raw garlic, without cooking or processed first.
After hearing a myriad of the following properties, you will no doubt immediately consume raw garlic.

The process of cooking and processing garlic causes the loss of various nutrients and essential ingredients. So, eating raw garlic like eating this fruit will ensure all the essential nutrients are not lost. If you regularly eat raw garlic, at least twice a week, you can get the following benefits.

1. Lowering the risk of cancer

2. Lowering cholesterol levels

3. Prevent high blood pressure and control hypertension

4. Prevent heart disease

5. Relieves infections, inflammation, and colds

6. Maintain brain health

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