Montenegro Amaro - Italy

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In the bars and under the arcades of Bologna Amaro Montenegro was born. Stanislao Cobianchi was a young proud and passionate alchemist, who had a religious education imposed on him by the family. He followed instincts and embarks on a merchant ship looking for adventure and discovers unusual botanical specialties.

Once back in Italy, he decides to devote himself to the preparation of liqueurs and elixirs. In 1885, after 4 years of rigorous experiments, creates Amaro Montenegro and found the "Cobianchi Stanislao Steam Distillery". An amaro made from various botanicals, herbs, spices, citrus, flowers, and some secret ingredients. 

To be enjoyed as a digestif or in a cocktail!

Appearance: dark, brown
Nose: sweet, floral, herbal, rich, bitter
Palate: bitter, herbs, lilac, bitter orange, rhubarb, sweet
Overall: rich herbal botanical and Bittersweet notes

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