Malfy Orange Sicilian Gin - Italy

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it’s time for an aperitivo, don’t you? The elegant fusion of some Sicilian pink grapefruits, Italian lemons, fine botanicals and handpicked juniper creates the ultimate bright and sophisticated gin.

Founded in 1906, Malfy is produced in the Torino Distillati, by the Vergnano family, still at the head of the house. Malfy gins are produced by master distillers Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni, at the Torino Distillati distillery, located in Moncalieri, in the Piedmont region, in the north-west of Italy. 

They are the result of a new technique: vacuum distillation, or cold distillation. This technique makes it possible to obtain low-temperature evaporation which does not alter the composition of the plants. Malfy gins are also the result of traditional know-how: the ingredients - carefully selected - are distilled separately, to preserve their flavors. 

The citrus fruits are soaked in alcohol and then pressed in a traditional press. The extract obtained is distilled with hand-picked Italian juniper berries. The individual distillates are then mixed and cut with Italian water, to obtain a unique fruity gin, signed Malfy.

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