Luce della Vite Grappa Frescobaldi-Poli Tuscany Italy

St Barth’s Wine

Luce della Vite ( Light of the Vine ) Marchesi de Frescobaldi e Jacopo Poli. The Marchesi Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi Families launched the innovative label in the land of the world-renowned Brunello di Montalcino. In 2002 the responsibility passed entirely to Lamberto Frescobaldi, who continues to this day to write the history of Luce and in particular the wonderful Luce della Vita grappa. 

Varietal: 50% Sangiovese Grosso & 50% Merlot

Luminous golden tonality, with straw and silver highlights, of exceptional clarity. Fragrances of fruit bread, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey, which yield slowly to nuances of stewed tropical fruit, such as banana and pineapple, and vanilla cream, creating overall a strikingly elegant bouquet. The development in the mouth brings an impression of baked fruit that recalls nectarines, clove, dried plum, and raisins. The finish exhibits exceptional breed and aromatic complexity.

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