Lemon Yogurt Malo 4 Pack

St Barth’s Wine

Malo is above all a family story! A family of passionate and ambitious people. It all started in 1948, with Raymond Gizard, To make up for a lack of milk, he decided to deliver pasteurized milk throughout the region during the post-war era. A real labor of love for St Malo bay! This is the birth of the wise Malo… It was in the 1950s that the first Malo product appeared on shelves. Success came not long after.

Relish the successful combination of a tangy lemon flavor and the natural characteristics of whole milk in a firm and creamy textured yogurt. Made from Breton whole milk, the Dairy Masters have been particularly successful with this subtly balanced flavor, much to the pleasure of even the most demanding.To be served very cold and enjoyed without restraint!

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