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Milk Vodkas are originally a Mongolian Tradition. For hundreds of years, the Central Asian steppe population has been designing milk alcohol, the Simin Arkhi, milk vodka plays a central social role in these societies on great festive occasions, especially when it comes to honoring a guest or honoring a spirit. 

Lactalium Vodka, as its name suggests, is crafted from fermented French mountain milk and distilled in the copper stills. The entire process takes about a month between milking, clarification, fermentation, distillation, and blending. 

Originally distilled from Yack's milk or Mare, this traditional production was reinvented by Nicolas Sinoquet (Distillery Gimet, installed in the heart of the Gers since before the French Revolution) inspired by the very herbal characteristics of the milk of Salers cows in Cantal, succeeded in giving this tradition a local dimension to singular expressions.

Lactalium vodka redefines the codes of spirits. Its round taste and velvety texture make it suitable for tasting and gastronomic alliances.

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