Krug Grande Cuvée Brut 170th Edition - Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

Krug Grande Cuvée is born from the dream of one man, Joseph Krug, to craft the very best Champagne he could offer, every single year, regardless of annual variations in climate. Since 1843, the House of Krug has honored this vision with each new Édition of Krug Grande Cuvée: the most generous expression of Champagne.

Krug Grande Cuvée is the emblematic signature of this beautiful house: champagne of great richness and fine elegance, beyond the vintages.

This 170th edition of 191 wines was created around the 2013 vintage, completed with 42% of reserve wines. It is composed of 47% Pinot Noir, 36% Chardonnay and 17% Meunier.

The notes of hazelnuts, nougat and citrus are revealed in the mouth. The color is golden, and the fine bubbles full of vivacity predict magnitude and elegance ...

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