Jeeper Extra Brut Cuvée Naturelle Organic Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

Winegrowers since the 18th century, the Maison Jeeper story truly began in 1949. It was then that Armand Goutorbe, son of Victor Goutorbe, on his return from the Second World War, decide to produce and sell his Champagne. Armand Goutorbe christened his brand Champagne Jeeper, with an eye to making himself stand out from the many winegrowers of the region also named Goutorbe, and in reference to the Jeep bestowed upon him by the local authorities to help him ascend the vineyard slopes with ease.

Original and exclusive, Extreme finesse, an interplay between mineral notes and complex aromas. Blended with precision. A very pure, extra brut champagne and organic.

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