Icy Green Tea-Mint Tea in Bulk Box Palais des Thés

St Barth’s Wine

Discover a tea scented with a unique fragrance taken directly from nature: frozen mint. This tea brings together the fresh, peppery aromas of mint leaves and the vegetal notes of a delicious long-leaf green tea, harvested in China. Refreshing!

The tea sustains the mint, but the mint quickly dominates. The tea brings vegetal notes that complement the mint and give it structure in addition to its freshness.  The tea notes merge perfectly with the mint, without altering it. Very long notes.

Pure Indulgences are the result of a lengthy process of selection and development, motivated by the quest to find the perfect balance between the tea leaves, which have their own gustatory characteristics, and the finest ingredients (delicate pieces of fruit and flowers and only all-natural extracts).

Tea Filters Biodegradable 40 Pieces Box

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