2017 Hermitage Chante-Alouette Organic Chapoutier Rhône Valley White

St Barth’s Wine

Multiple Vintage Available:

2017 Bottle750ml  2016 Bottle750ml

Hermitage wines possess a rich historical past. They were appreciated as early on as Roman times when they were enjoyed under the name of " Vienne" wines and were later to be called " Saint Christopher's Hillside " wines because of a chapel there bearing the Saint's name.

They were also to be known as " Tournon" wines. The name of Hermitage probably first appeared in the 12th Century in memory of Henry Gaspard, a knight from Stérimberg: who has come back from the Crusades and tired of waging war, lived as a Hermite on a hillside which had been given to him by Anne of Castille, Queen of Spain. 

Brilliant and green gold. Complex and subtle, aromas of quince, walnut, honey, ginger, acacia with a hint of linden-tree. Frank attack, without aggressiveness, final of almond, very elegant and good length.

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