2004 Gosset Celebris Vintage Extra Brut - Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

The 2004 Vintage is one of the most beautiful of the last decade: a very beautiful harvest during the second half of September with healthy grapes and a good acidity. The Chardonnay grapes with exotic and floral aromas show a good minerality. The Pinots Noirs are particularly full-bodied and complex with red and black fruits aromas, a hint of species, toastiness and brioche.

The nose delivers floral aromas such as hawthorn, lilac and violet as well as fruity aromas of apricot, apple and fresh pineapple.
After the wine has warmed a little, discreet notes of coffee will appear. It is harmonious, fresh and elegant.
Notes of yellow fruits, pineapple, apricot and mirabelle plum complement each other. Notes of white flowers, hawthorn, lilac and jasmine will appear afterward.
This beautifully crisp and fresh cuvée leaves a feeling of purity and fruitiness on the palate followed by beautiful flavors of green apple and lemon.

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