Organic Fresh Fruits Bowl Pre-Sliced 1.98 lbs & Wine Suggestions

St Barth’s Wine

Pre-Order prior to your Arrival in St Barths 
Made with only the freshest sliced ingredients,
the perfect choice for your Wine & Fresh Fruits Aperitif
in St Barths!
Pre-Sliced Fresh Fruits Including 

100gr Strawberries, 
100gr Cantaloupe Melon,
100gr Papaya, 
100gr Mango, 
100gr Pineapple, 
100gr Raspberries, 
100gr Blueberries,  
200gr White Grape,
Sprigs of Mint to Garnish
1.0 Kg - 1.98 lbs
Wine Suggestions Not Included 

We are not licensed to ship to the US, UK, CA
Free Delivery Mon-Sat from 9:00 am - Island of St Barths Only -


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