French Baguette and Unsalted or Salted Butter

St Barth’s Wine

"Baguette de tradition Française is made from wheat flour, water, yeast, and common salt. It may contain up to 2% broad bean flour, up to 0.5% soy flour, and up to 0.3% wheat malt flour.

Baguettes are closely connected to France, though they are made around the world. In France, not all long loaves are baguettes; for example, a short, almost rugby ball-shaped loaf is a

Bâtard (literally, the bastard), or a " Torpedo Loaf "  in English; its origin is variously explained, but undocumented. Another tubularly shaped loaf is known as a
Fûte, also known in the United States as a Parisienne. Flûtes closely resemble baguettes and weigh more or less than these, depending on the region. A thinner loaf is called a Ficelle (string). A short baguette is sometimes known as a
Baton (stick), or even referred to using the English translation "French Stick ". None of these are officially defined, either legally or, for instance, in major dictionaries, any more than the
Baguette. French bread is also made in forms such as a
Miche, which is a large pan loaf, and a
Boule, literally ball in French, a large round loaf. Sandwich-sized loaves are sometimes known as Demi-Baguettes or Tiers.

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