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The cereal was created by William Kellogg in 1894 for his brother John Kellogg. John Kellogg wanted food that would be healthy for the patients of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan where he was superintendent.

Corn flakes is a breakfast cereal made by toasting flakes of corn, rich in B vitamins and iron. Each morning, Kellogg's Original Corn Flakes cereals contribute to your vitality and balance: a combination of complex carbohydrates, group B vitamins and iron, all with very little fat.

Kellogg's Original Corn Flakes cereals are petals carefully prepared from corn grains ripened 140 days in the sun. It is both a very simple recipe and a concentration of nutritional benefits:
- a combination of carbohydrates, real fuels for the body and the brain
- rich in 6 vitamins and iron
- low in fat
- without coloring or preservatives

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