2015 Clos Venturi Blanc Island of Corsica White

St Barth’s Wine

The story begins in 1901 when Jean Vico takes over a domain in the center of Corsica. He decided to restructure and modernize this magnificent vineyard. The Clos Venturi is located in Ponte-Leccia, a village in altitude. The Domain is relatively new. Indeed, it is only in 2005 that the best terroirs of Domaine Vico are identified and detached to produce Clos Venturi wines. Grape used: 100% Vermentinu.

The Clos Venturi is one of the most qualitative and valuable terroirs of Corsica. Resulting from a plot selection, the most beautiful terroirs of the estate

Clos Venturi white reveals a complex character, rich but without heaviness, sweet and fruity while maintaining a pretty freshness. A very great wine.

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