2018 Clos Beylesse Blue Bottle Rosé Côtes de Provence

St Barth’s Wine

Multiple Sizes Available:

Bottle750ml   Magnum750ml   Jéroboam3L


Blue Bottle Rosé. Domaine de l'Abbaye was once connected to the Abbey of Thoronet.  At that time, the monks were cultivating the land that now belongs to Frank Petit. In 1990, this was the first wine to be rated  3 stars by the Guide Hachette in France.

A beautiful bouquet of white flowers abounds accompanied by lavender, herbs de Provence, with citrus and lychee nut. Citrus and peach flavors are accented with floral undertones and a nice underlying crispness. This is a really delicious wine with balance and a lot of finesse.

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