Bollinger PN VZ15 - Champagne

St Barth’s Wine

This is the first iteration of a new range that seeks to explore Pinot Noir through its various origins.

It is a cuvée made only from Pinot Noir, mainly from the Grand Cru village of Verzenay located on the Montagne de Reims. The PN VZ 15 is built around the 2015 harvest, again associated with reserve wines to bring great aromatic depth.

The PN VZ15 reveals a golden color with slightly coppery reflections.

It is a champagne that offers the first nose on notes of cherry stone, very ripe fruit and dried fig. On the second nose, it is grilled and gourmet notes that stand out, accompanied by notes of hawthorn and perry.

On the palate, a very present, fresh fruit, escorted by notes of hazelnut and acacia flower. A beautiful aromatic richness concluded with a lively finish reminiscent of yuzu.

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