Raspberries and Cherries Berry Set Go Innocent 750ml

St Barth’s Wine

Made from a juicy blend of Raspberries and Cherries and boosted with Goji Berries & vitamins, it’ll help you go out there and give it everything you’ve got. Get ready to be the new Where’s Wally of the hide and seek circuit.

" We started Innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies and put a bin saying 'Yes' and a bin saying 'No" in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the 'Yes' bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking."

Berries can’t run marathons. Or even play a competitive game of hide and seek. But, when the pips are down, they can give you a boost in the form of our new Berry, Set, Go recipe.

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