B & B Liqueur

St Barth’s Wine

Developed in the 1930s to offer a less sweet alternative to Bénédictine, B&B was created in response to a popular trend of mixing Bénédictine with brandy in order to cut down on both the herbal intensity and sweetness of the original Bénédictine. The commercial version of B&B is approximately 60% Bénédictine and 40% Otard Cognac.

Like so many other herbal liqueurs, the recipe for Bénédictine is a closely-kept secret blend of 27 different botanicals. What is known is that these botanicals are grouped into four clusters and distilled separately in copper pot stills. These four spirits are aged for 8 months separately before being blended together with honey and saffron. This final blend is then aged in barrels for at least 4 months before being blended with Otard cognac and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

Wildflowers, nutmeg, anise and menthol aromas lead to a medium-bodied and medium-sweet palate with a long and herbally driven finish.

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