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Deep in south-west France near the Arcachon Bay surrounded by beautiful ocean, beach and pine forest landscapes, Abatilles natural mineral water has been drawn every day for almost a century from a depth of 472 meters (1,548 feet).

In August 1923, an engineer Louis Le Marié, in search of petroleum, came across water containing sulfur at 25°C (77°F) in the Abatilles area.70,000 liters (18,500 US gallons) of spring water gushed out per hour shooting to a height of 8 meters (26 feet), making this spring one of the top ten in France. Le Marié had the water analyzed, revealing its amazing qualities: low mineral content, zero nitrates and naturally warm. The pressure it gushed out made it possible to drive the water directly to the bottling plant while keeping its natural properties intact. Le Marie was of Breton origin and named his spring Sainte-Anne after the patron saint of Brittany.

Abatilles Water owes its natural balance to the perfect distribution of its mineral ingredients, which has been the case for more than 90 years. This led to its certification as a “Health Water” by the Bordeaux Academy of Medicine on its discovery in 1923. The Abatilles spring then became a spa, where patients flocked from all over the world to benefit from its therapeutic properties. 

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