2021 Vinnae Ribolla Gialla Jermann Friuli-Venezia-Giulia E04 - Italy White

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The name Vinnae was created for the 1983 vintage to celebrate the birth of Silvio Jermann’s second son and to commemorate the Jermann family’s 100 years of winemaking at Villanova. Five generations of the family have cultivated Ribolla in the Collio vineyards of the village, earning themselves the title of “vinnaioli” or “wine growers”; hence the choice of the name “Vinnae” of this Ribolla-based wine.

The label was restyled in 2004 with the addition of a symbol of the Jermann family’s Austrio-Hungarian origins, a double-headed eagle found on an old barrel belonging to Silvio Jermann’s great grandfather Anton. The phrase “servus cella” is a reference to the cellar, while mention of the varieties of the cuvée recalls the three-fold heritages of Slovenia, Friuli and Austria, which pervade the spirit of the Collio.

It has a bright, pale straw shade and fruit aromas with a mineral undertone.
On the palate, it is dry, fresh and tangy with the unassuming elegance of authentic country wine.
Vinnae is delicious as an aperitif and it is also an excellent match for seafood starters and first course dishes with fish. Its freshness and irresistible drinkability make it an ideal summer white.

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