2021 Valpolicella Classico Allegrini Veneto E04 - Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

Valpolicella, one of the most prestigious wine-making regions in Italy, has been dedicated to wine-making since ancient times, as the etymology of its name suggests: "Val polis cellae" means, in fact, "the valley of many cellars ". It is located in the western part of Veneto, between Verona and Lake Garda, with its boundary demarcated to the north by the Lessini mountains.

Grape varieties: 70% Corvina Veronese, 30% Rondinella 

Ruby red in color, with purplish-blue highlights; the nose exhibits fragrant fruit with prominent notes of cherries, echoed by fresher hints of pepper and aromatic herbs, typical of Corvina and Corvinone, the historic varietals of this appellation.
Whilst young it is impressively lively and playful on the palate whereas some two years on it express greater delicacy and finesse.

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