2021 Saint Amour Mommessin - Beaujolais Red

St Barth’s Wine

It must be recognized that the Cru located furthest to the north bears a name which rings softly in the ear, and in the heart. It is the wine of poets and lovers. If it didn't exist, life would certainly have less charm. 

The village of Saint-Amour gave its name to its very pretty wine. Before that, we must go back very far, in Galloroman times, when a centurion named Amor belonging to the Theban Legion stationed in the region of Valais in Switzerland was distinguished by his Christian faith and experienced martyrdom. Obviously, the paths of love, paved with pleasures and pains, are seldom easy. 

Today, Saint-Amour wine has two faces, depending on the composition of the soil, and even the type of winemaking.

Intense purplish-red color. Delicate nose emanating dominant aromas of black fruits and peony.

Showing a pleasant freshness and endowed with silky tannins. Unveiling a supple texture, it is quite persistent on the finish.

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