2021 Petit Chablis Jean Marc Brocard Organic G01 - Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

The first land of Jean-Marc Brocard was a man, Louis Petit, a winegrower who taught him, The Vine, The Wine, and Men.

He still cultivates its science and wisdom: “Look, shut up, learn. ". From the long years of learning, following in the footsteps of the old winegrower, putting his hands on the same vine shoots, looking at the same moons, Jean-Marc Brocard has retained patience and respect, the lessons of the soil and the basement, vines and life.

Petit Chablis takes root in Portlandian soil made up of limestone. This appellation is the fruitiest of the Chablis wines, it is a wine of pleasure, all in freshness.

Yellow color with green reflection, a note of limes, grapefruit, and passion fruit. A gourmet, energetic wine with a beautiful persistence

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