2021 Maison Charlotte Belle Cuvée Méditerranée - Côtes-de-Provence

St Barth’s Wine

The Phocaeans founded the town of Cuers under the name of "Korion". They are the ones who brought the vine and the olive tree to Provence. Developed by the Romans, and perpetuated by the Counts of Provence, these two cultures still make up the richness of the local terroir.

Cuers. One of the best terroirs in Provence. A story linked to that of small producers. This cellar is one of the first in the Var department. Since its creation in 1911, it has known how to evolve and adapt to its time, to offer the best of the terroirs that surround it and to promote the profession of the winegrower.

Grape varieties: Cinsault, grenache, carignan, mourvèdre, syrah, rolle

A terroir wine marked by notes of peach blossom, a lively and mineral palate.

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