2021 Les Clans Château d’Esclans Rosé C2 - Côtes-de-Provence

St Barth’s Wine

The first traces of Esclans Castle date back to the Roman Empire. It was then an observation post of the Gulf of Frejus, to prevent possible maritime invasions. Built in the 19th  century, the present castle has had many owners. It was first bought by the Ranque brothers, before belonging to Joseph Toussaint Caussemille in 1875, and passed to the Perraud family from 1955 to 1994.

It was then owned by a Swedish pension fund before it's acquired by Sacha Lichine in 2006. This Bordeaux native (Château Prieuré-Lichine, in Margaux) creates a global brand and contributes significantly to the growth of rosé wines Côtes de Provence in the segment of luxury rosés, if not high level.

Epitomizing a sophisticated, food-driven wine made from Grenache and Vermentino, Les Clans entirely fermented and aged in large French oak barrels represents a particular disconnect with rosé in general as it is quite remarkable with potential to age. This wine is both rich and exotic while being full-bodied and elegant.

A fantastic rosé with such intensity and complexity, medium-bodied with a dense center palate and superb length and focus.

A suave creamy feel echoes throughout. Very flattering

This is a rosé that has the hallmarks of a top-end white wine mixed with some of the characters of a fine, light red.

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