2021 Arneis Langhe-Blangè Organic Ceretto Piedmont G01 - Italy White

St Barth’s Wine

The term Organic Farming indicates a cultivation method that allows the use of only natural substances, that are present in nature, excluding the use of synthetic chemical substances (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides). All our vineyards (160 hectares in total) have been converted, since 2010 to today, into organic farming. A revolutionary choice that has radically changed the management methods of the vineyards, aimed at more respect for the soil, the grapes and mankind.

Blangè is the white side of Piedmontese wines; a product that defined an era, revolutionizing Langhe winemaking that was previously devoted exclusively to red grapes. It is the product of a highly distinctive region, the Roero, and a desire to improve varietal recognition, as well as drinking pleasure.

Blangè combines sustainable practices in the vineyard with a modern take. Fruit and minerality, aromatics and balanced freshness coexist in this white wine that has made enjoyment and versatility its trademark.

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