2020 Sangiovese Dogajolo Carpineto Tuscany G01 - Italy Red

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The Dogajolo Toscano Rosso by Carpineto is the classic among baby supertuscans. As with all Super Tuscans, the Chianti Sangiovese vine is the heart of the wine at Dogajolo Rosso. In addition, Cabernet Sauvignon and other grape varieties are added. 

Sangiovese up to 70%: Cabernet and other varieties up to 30%. The exact proportions can vary with each vintage.

The colour of the Dogajolo Rosso is best described with a bright cherry red. It lies mid-dense in the glass and smells elegantly of ripe sour cherries, complemented by some pomegranate and red currant. Delicate shades of vanilla and a fine hint of oak compliment.

On the palate,  the Dogajolo Toscano Rosso is pleasantly fresh, lively and grippy. Presents but well-integrated tannins and a fresh fruit acid give the wine a feel and character. 

Given its fruitiness, Dogajolo can be paired with first courses and white meats but shows at its best with full-flavored dishes such as roasts, grilled meats, cold cuts and Tuscan regional specialties.

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