2020 Pouilly Fumé Buisson Renard Didier Dagueneau - Loire Valley White

St Barth’s Wine

Didier Dagueneau wine`s smelled not of Sauvignon Blanc but of Spring. Sipping the Buisson Renard was like standing beneath a waterfall: the flavors were clean, limpid eerily palpable, a soft shock. The silex was not the parody flintlock of popular myth; it was pure, sappy, soaring, rich, finishing with just a hint of stone after rain. Not expecting this calm and majestic retreat from the varietal.

A crystalline gold color. Offers a generous nose of white fruits with nuances of gray pepper and chalk. Exotic character of the fruit. 

Pineapple and passion bring a gourmet touch typical of the Dagueneau leg. The mouth is full, straight with good persistence. An elegant, complete wine imbued with a very refined expression.

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