2020 Corte del Lupo Bianco Cà del Bosco Lombardy E04 - Italy White

St Barth’s Wine

Space. Infinite and infinitesimal, visible and invisible, it is everywhere. In the pupils that yearn towards the horizon, shrinking as they see the sunrise in the east or the sunset in the west, marking the end of a day dedicated to the vineyard.

Love for the land and devotion to the soil: powerful, tangible ways to perceive space, nature’s ultimate poetic and artistic expression. It envelops and protects the terroir, the vineyard, the grower and every living thing. And it is here, in the Valle del Lupo, that this animal is the lord of his space, and has the power to endow the land it protects with fertility and abundance.

It is here, in this place, that Corte del Lupo Bianco ( Court of the White Wolf ) is born, a wine that grows in the immensity of the earth but is aged in small oak barrels.

The Corte del Lupo  of Ca 'del Bosco is a Curtefranca Bianco that comes from the assembly of 80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Bianco. grapes from the Franciacorta area.

Light straw color with greenish reflexes obvious
Smell very fresh and fragrant, attractive, rich in many fruity and floral including clearly distinguish the golden apple, pear, plum, pineapple and citrus notes of lime, lemon and grapefruit. In the background, you hear a pleasant shade of linden blossom.
The taste is dry, well-structured, full-bodied, supported by a juicy citrus acidity. Reiterates the aromas of fruit, tropical especially pronounced at the nose. The aftertaste leaves a pleasant feeling of bitter orange.

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