2020 Chenin Blanc Les Fresnettes Château de Targé Saumur C02 - Loire Valley White

St Barth’s Wine

Beautiful residence flanked by 4 towers on the hillside, the estate is superbly located on the particularly limestone hillside which dominates the Loire with a 21 ha vineyard, 16 of which are in red ( Cabernet franc ), and 5 in white ( Chenin ). Since 2000, they have had the Terra Vitis label: the soil is worked and grassed, and compost has replaced chemical fertilizers. They decided to go further with a transition to Organic Agriculture conversion in 2017 when they arrived on the estate. 

Dry Chenin Blanc results from successive hand-sorting on small yields, and fermentation and aging completely in barrels.

The terroirs as well as the winemaking methods give it aromas of white fruits and a body of beautiful fullness and extraordinary nobility.

Saumur Blanc Les Fresnettes, with a nose of fruits (quince, lemon), winey and delicate at the same time, charming and rich, with dominant almond and pear on the palate. 

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