2020 By Ott Organic Rosé Magnum 1.5L - Côtes-de-Provence

St Barth’s Wine

By Ott is an elegant extension to the Domaines Ott range and a truly Provençal wine with conviviality and friendship at its heart. It is blended and bottled in the new Château de Selle cellar, where part of the winery is exclusively devoted to its production. The entire process is controlled, from the blending to the storage, ensuring the perfect quality expected of these wines. 

Pale and pretty in crystal-clear pink with orange undertones.

The nose is delicate and fruity with notes of white peach and apricot mixed with passion fruit and mango.

The taste is full, fresh and crisp with echoes of the fruity aroma amplified by citrus zest and sweet spices cinnamon and cardamom.

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