2018 Sito Moresco Langhe Angelo Gaja Piedmont G01 - Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

The Piedmontese DOCG zone of Barolo (1.700 hectares) is responsible for some of Italy’s finest wines. It occupies the same region and uses the same grape, Nebbiolo, as Barbaresco, (640 hectares). Nebbiolo is hardly ever seen outside the confines of Piedmont. It takes its name from "nebbia" which is Italian for fog, a frequent phenomenon in the region.

The Sito Moresco Langhe Rosso Doc is produced by Gaja, and this, to the most expert ones, will suffice to establish its excellent quality. It is a Nebbiolo-based wine, to which Merlot and Barbera are assembled. It undergoes an aging 18-month Barrique that gives it balance and elegance. 

Ruby red color, opens to the nose with small red fruits surrounded by herbaceous nuances. 
Thin tannins on the palate do not affect a harmony that goes hand in hand with excellent persistence.

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