2019 Gavi dei Gavi Black Label GiGi la Scolca Piedmont - Italy White

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The La Scolca estate was purchased in 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati who, today, leads the company with his daughter Chiara. The past and the future life together at La Scolca: the naturalness of those who have always been in this industry is combined with the vigor of forward-looking leaders.

The surname Soldati “soldiers” is particularly symbolic for the approach taken by the company’s owners. The name of the property, as well, is symbolic. La Scolca brand comes from “Sfurca” or “Look off into the distance” and the farmhouse that stood there was exactly that: a lookout post. These names reflect the proud and tenacious character of the owners and their wines.

La Scolca Black Label Gavi, also known as " Gigi ", is regarded as the ultimate Gavi - excepting La Scolca's exclusive extremely limited D'Antan which is Black Label Gavi aged in tanks on the lees for a straight ten years.

Grape Varieties: 100% Cortese

Pale straw, with delicate greenish highlights.
Nose: Intense, long, continuous, persistent, from fruited to flowery to stage of development.
Palate: Highly typical, flinty accents; almonds and hazelnut in the finale.

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