2019 Fugue de Nénin Pomerol G01 - Bordeaux Red

St Barth’s Wine

Fugue de Nénin was created and first sold in 1997. Fugue comes from sandy-clay soils found in the eastern part of the Château's vineyards, as well as from the young vines planted on the great plateau terroirs. This second wine of Château Néninis a typical example of the charm of Pomerol. Fugue is a reference to music, it means a repetition of the main theme. This name makes sense when you taste the wine. Fugue complements the tonalities of its older sibling extremely well while providing its own attractive and entertaining rendition. The wines are smooth and silky and can be enjoyed earlier than those of the Grand Vin. 

Grape Blend: 88% Merlot, 12% Cabernet Franc. 

Silky, the palate delicately combines a racy structure and ripe density. Fugue de Nénin 2019 seduces with its elegance and freshness.

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