2019 Fixin Clos Chapitre Méo-Camuzet Frère et Soeurs C02 - Burgundy Red

St Barth’s Wine

For more than four centuries, the members of the Méo family have devoted themselves to growing vines and making wines. They came originally from the Burgundy village of Selongey, in the north of Côte d'Or, where today, even if the vines, alas, have disappeared, a pressing house, dating from the year 50 AD, bears witness to the presence there of Gallo-Roman winegrowers. 

Jean-Nicolas Méo chose Marsannay, the northernmost village of the Côte de Nuits, for one of the first wines to supplement his highly sought-after Domaine wines.

The frankness with a lot of minerality. This wine, deep in color and with frequent black fruit aromas, does not line the palate but possesses a great deal of rectitude.

There's no aggressiveness in the tasting, even if a touch of acidity can be felt in the finish. This wine is pleasant thanks to its fresh and subtle nose and its direct character, refreshing and not at all heavy.

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