2019 Etna Bianco Carricante Planeta Sicily E04 - Italy White

St Barth’s Wine

This wine is produced in the Feudo di Mezzo winery, lying in the center of Etna’s wine-growing area, from Carricante grapes partially fermented in barriques.

This is the result of searching for an expression of this noble grape cultivated in the unique and splendid terroir of Etna. The land has a perfect aspect and position, black with lava sands, and thus extraordinarily rich in minerals, surrounded by woods and more recent lava flows.

The Carricante grapes from Etna always give great satisfaction as the combination of black sand and altitude provides distinct aromas and three-dimensional flavors.

Notes of white acacia flowers, fresh almonds, and mountain peaches, on the palate, it is juicy and full of hints of yellow plums and prickly pear.

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