2019 Chablis Grand Cru Grenouilles Château Grenouilles - Burgundy White

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The domain of Château Grenouilles is an exceptional property and unique in Chablis. It is located on the hillside plot known as “ Grenouilles ” ( Frogs ) in the heart of the Grand Crus. In 2003 La Chablisienne inherited this legend.

Grenouilles is one of the rarest Chablis Grand Crus, it forms an unbroken plot of 7.2 hectares, superbly exposed on a South-West slope and facing Chablis village. 

At the moment of bottling, the fragrant precision is already prominent in the bouquet. The minerality is just perceptible beneath the surface and the finish is still in its infancy… but the work is in progress. The aromatic expression of the wine will be at its peak two or three years after the harvest. At this point, everything is more complex and more subtle. The fruit, for example, is less exotic and the candied citrus notes are a touch more intense while the minerality is starting 
to build. On the palate, the fabric of the wine is starting to become more defined.

The nose is forthright and pure, intense and complex, with a bouquet of fresh fruit, white flowers, soft spicy notes, citronella, verbena, and honey. 

In the mouth it is clean and profound, presenting a glorious richness derived from the perfect ripeness of the grapes. It has also become fleshy, presenting a subtle choice between an attractive opportunity and the serious potential for aging.

On the palate very well-balanced, remarkably pure, delicate and elegant with a superbly long mineral finish. Finally, at its plenitude, and long after the harvest for very great vintages, it is the very essence of Chablis, the perfect balance, a great joy, a remarkable memory.

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