2019 Alteni di Brassica Langhe Gaja Piedmont G01 - Italy White

St Barth’s Wine

Outspoken and pioneering, Angelo Gaja has done much to change the landscape of the wines of Barbaresco. He took over the reins of the family estate from his father Giovanni in 1970 and started his process of modernization almost immediately.

By the time of the 1978 vintage, he replaced the traditional large bottle in favor of French barriques, a step that caused many heads to turn at the time. 

The wine derives its name from the “Alteni,” small stone walls that once surrounded the orchards in the area, and “brassica,” the yellow flowers that cover the vineyards in the spring.

Pheasants are featured on Alteni di Brassica’s label to commemorate the beautiful birds that inhabit the forests adjacent to GAJA’s vineyards.

Blend: The vineyards for this Langhe were planted to Sauvignon Blanc in 1983.

Color: Golden color
Aroma: Elegant perfume with aromatic notes in harmony with the distinct fruit.
Taste: dense structure and balanced body, supported by perfectly integrated acidity.

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