2018 Chianti Rufina Riserva Nipozzano Frescobaldi Tuscany E04 - Italy Red

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The history of the Frescobaldi family begins around the year 1000, during the same time period as the birth of the banking industry of Medieval Florence. The Frescobaldi quickly became the absolute protagonists of political and economic life earning them the right to the title ‘treasurers to the English Crown’.

Emblematic wine from Castello Nipozzano, the historical Frescobaldi estate just a few kilometers north-east of Florence, Nipozzano Riserva is the symbol of the Tuscan wine-growing tradition and of the permanent link with the terroir.

Nipozzano 2018 has a marvelous balance of components. 
It has an intense ruby red color. Its bouquet has hints of red and blackberries, such as black cherry, raspberry, blueberry and red and blackcurrants; these are followed by delicate citrus notes that add a lovely freshness.
Even the floral hints characterize the profile of this wine with aromas that bring to mind violets and rosehip. In conclusion, the delicate bouquet of spicy notes of black pepper and balsamic notes, further enhance the sensation of an elegant freshness.
The acidic-alcohol component is perfectly balanced on the palate. The tannic texture is clearly present and is extremely elegant.

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