2017 Sperss Barolo Langhe Nebbiolo Angelo Gaja Piedmont G01 - Italy Red

St Barth’s Wine

The Piedmontese DOCG zone of Barolo (1.700 hectares) is responsible for some of Italy’s finest wines. It occupies the same region and uses the same grape (Nebbiolo) as Barbaresco, (640 hectares). Nebbiolo is hardly ever seen outside the confines of Piedmont. It takes its name from "nebbia" which is Italian for fog, a frequent phenomenon in the region.

Angelo Gaja is Italy`s most renowned and dynamic wine personality and his impact on wine production in the last 30 years cannot be overestimated. Angelo Gaja took over the family business in 1970 and, as he says: "The challenge was to maintain the basic power and depth of Nebbiolo while polishing the wines to give them richer color, fuller fruit, better balance and a more refined style."

The Sperss has an intense ruby ​​color. 
Its nose reveals aromas of black cherry with a note of white truffles. 
Well-structured, this wine is rich and complex, with a texture of liquid velvet. 

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