2017 Sauvignon Blanc Sebastiani Vineyards Sonoma Valley G01 - California White

St Barth’s Wine

Sebastiani’s first century in Sonoma winemaking began when Samuele Sebastiani emigrated from the Tuscany region of Italy in 1895 and started Sebastiani nine years later. A stonemason by trade, he quarry-mined the Sonoma hills for cobblestones that were used to build the streets of San Francisco. He worked long hours and saved carefully to buy land in Sonoma County, from which he would make wine for the Sonoma community and San Francisco’s restaurants.

The winery was the only one in Sonoma County to continue operations through Prohibition, making a small amount of sacramental and medicinal wines. It has been joked, and perhaps with some grain of truth, that during this time there was a resurgence of people becoming very religious.

A bright and refreshing wine with aromas of lemon meringue and a mineral note of scratched flint.
The palate is lively with fruit flavors of green apple, citrus and young pineapple core.
The finish is crisp and zesty and leaves you wanting another sip. Enjoy in its youth.

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