2017 Montrachet Grand Cru Henri Boillot Burgundy White

St Barth’s Wine

Father and son, with their personalities, work together today. Both make great wines: one in white, the other in red. Passionate, honest and serious.

Founder of the field in constant search for excellence, Henri Boillot focuses today on the vinification of whites he loves straight, tense, precise, pure and elegant. The love for a job well done has led the estate to where it is today and Henri Boillot can thus serenely transmit the reins to future generations.
Having climbed all the ladder, Guillaume Boillot is today chief of culture and winemaker of the red wines of the field. With subtlety, he was able to infuse his style and reveal the greatness of the soils of Volnay in particular. In search of pleasure and emotion, he shares his vision which is reflected in the wines he makes: elegance, sensuality, roundness and

Hue: Golden yellow with green hues.

Nose: Acacia white blossom, orange blossom, sweet spices and beeswax.

Palate: Dense smooth and intense. Excellent concentration of fruit and minerality, vibrant, crisp wine with superb length.

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